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  • David Hanan

Parshat Tezaveh

In this week’s Parsha Tetzaveh there is additional description of how the Mishkan and how its vessels and the garments of the Kohanim and the Kohen Gadol (Priests and the High Priest). HaShem told Moshe to gather people to build the Mishkan in an interesting way, “all the wise-hearted people whom I have invested with a spirit of wisdom to make the priestly garments” (Exodus 28:1). This statement by HaShem is unclear. Were these individuals selected to build the Mishkan because they were “wise hearted” or because HaShem had invested “a sprit of wisdom” within them? The Torah is telling us that HaShem bestows a “spirit of wisdom” on individuals who are “wise-hearted” and understand what it means to be kind, compassionate, and loyal. Those who are devoted to HaShem and have the desire to further delve into his Torah is what HaShem looks for in a person to decide who he imbues with a “spirit of wisdom”. HaShem is telling us in this pasuk that we must begin the process on our own. If we start, HaShem will supply the power to have deep, spiritual, even holy insight.

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