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  • Kayla Hutt

Opinion Piece: To Zoom or Not to Zoom?

As we finally have our first snowfall of the winter, I find myself and my fellow classmates wondering, “to zoom or not to zoom?” Now that we are able to fully learn at home, is there any reason to have snow days? As you might have guessed, most students would say absolutely. In fact, many teachers would as well. Are snow days a right of passage or has Zoom made them a thing of the past?

In my opinion, snow days should not be obsolete just because we can now use Zoom. Many students dislike learning through Zoom, and we should be minimizing its use. In addition, snow days are a way for students to grasp onto their childhood a little while longer. The elementary and middle school had a snow day this week. Even high school students still love to wake up to the beautiful white snow covering their backyards. They love to drink their warm hot chocolate and build their sturdy or not so sturdy snowmen. And they like to do all of this without the nagging feeling that they need to log into Zoom yet again to try to sit through class while now being even more distracted.

Snow days are our “mental health days.” We need a nice and simple one day break every so often. And if we don’t have snow days, and we must work through the snow, does that make us adults? That is one scary thought… I say keep snow days, and keep our childhoods for the time being.

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