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Opinion Piece: Summer as an Opportunity to Discover Your Passion at North Shore

Summer is rapidly approaching, and I think I speak for everyone in saying that it can’t come soon enough. Summer, especially for incoming upperclassmen, should be viewed as an additional opportunity to continue learning and exploring possible pursuits beyond the walls of North Shore. Even if you’re working over the summer, reserve the time to hone the interests you’ve put off, whether in your personal or professional life. This does not mean summer schedules must be packed with various academic programs throughout the two-and-a-half-month break; rather, consider supplementing your high school education with activities that further cultivate your passions outside of school.

Many sophomores express such interests in enrolling in summer opportunities to further the sense of what interests them. Rising junior Ella Hakimian will be working at Camp MJC (Mashadi Jewish Center) in Great Neck. Ella has previously worked as a counselor at Camp MJC, where she has grown to love working with little kids. “We play sports like kickball, basketball and do dance and art and crafts with the kids. I enjoy getting close to my co-counselors and making the kids happy,” says Ella. For her, working as a counselor allows her to be part of an enjoyable working environment as she has her friends alongside her and is motivated to make people happy. Wearing a characteristic “sunny smile,” Ella is getting the best results out of summer instead of having regrets about using her time unwisely.

Another incoming junior, Tamir Cohen, plans on apprenticing his father in the tricky business of real estate. Interestingly enough, Tamir chooses to work alongside his father to gain valuable firsthand experience rather than attending preliminary courses about investing in real estate, a standard route for students. Tamir is making a wise decision to learn all that he can on investments from someone who inspires him. A future multi-millionaire in the making!

Incoming senior, Noah Sonnenklar, is spending his summer break interning for a judge. As of now, Noah has sat in on one trial with the hopes that each case will allow him to develop the skills to navigate the legal world. Legal Internships give you an insight into the practical work of court proceedings, which can help you understand the functioning of work at courts. In Noah’s case, experience is also helpful to add to college applications to demonstrate his commitment to the law. Another valued benefit to Noah’s internship is developing a sense of what branch of law he would want to (or not want to) pursue after law school.

While additional learning opportunities may lessen the vacation time we all treasure so dearly, North Shore students understand the benefits to their future beyond high school. Everyone has unique interests and talents that they can pursue, which is why I encourage everyone to use summer as a time to discover where your interests lie. Remember, don’t view summer as simply another point on your résumé. Instead, summer is a chance to discover your potential career focus. After all, why waste your time on something that you don’t truly enjoy? However you plan to spend your summer, remember to do so with a passion to learn and an ambition to succeed.

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