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  • Gabriella Kahen

Opinion Piece: Does Tik Tok have its benefits?

I'm sure everyone already knows about “TikTok,” a popular app where people can post short videos and can also combine it with music. Although it's very addicting, and many people find it to be pointless and foolish, there actually are some benefits to it. Some videos on TikTok, believe it or not, are educational. For example, there are many people on this app showing how to cook or bake. These people give out fun, simple, and easy recipes that a younger audience is most probably able to make at home. Also, particularly since March of last year, when all schools closed, there was a surge in health, fitness and exercise-oriented videos. Many users have been persuading people, especially students, to take the time that they now have at home to start working out. I've also found TikToks that have helped me, personally, with school. Whether it be Chemistry, Spanish, or Math, I came across many TikToks explaining tips and tricks on how to understand particular topics. The thing is, I never even searched for all these videos! They all came up on my “for you” page, which is a page of recommended videos. When Tik Tok sees that you like certain content, they put these types of videos there that they think you will like, or that are “for you.” Of course, not everyone's “for you” page consists of these types of videos. Truthfully, my “for you” page is made up of mostly cute dog videos. But once TikTok notices which videos you watch until the end, or ones that you like, they will put more of those types of videos there for you. So parents, if you are thinking of making your child delete TikTok, maybe go on to their account and like some educational posts so they'll see them more often!

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