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Opinion Piece: Bring Back Breakfast

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Try to envision a time in your life where you were overcome by internal peace and harmony. When despite your mounting schedule of tests and assignments- suddenly, all was right with the world. Can you imagine?

Whatever it may be, I imagine myself nibbling on a fluffy chocolate chip muffin, the crumbs falling from my lips. After a long Rosh Chodesh davening, I dragged my body, weakened by hunger, to the arrangement of breakfast pastries.

In one way or another, we can all relate to morning breakfast; kicking off the day catching up with friends over your traditional breakfast delicacies. Though this is now a thing of the past and future students of NSHAHS will potentially never have the opportunity to feel the way I did.

This is why I propose we bring breakfast back, and I do not stand alone in this. School breakfasts have brought smiles to so many students’ and teachers’ faces, a smile that has been missing for far too long. Whether you long for your eyes to suddenly light up after biting into a muffin once again, or miss hoarding a vast assortment of cereals in your locker, North Shore is crying out for the return of the breakfast. For this being the first meal of the day for most students, the breakfast is vital in maintaining North Shore’s reputation for academic excellence. Studies conclude that students who eat breakfast at school have improved standardized test scores. Students who eat school breakfast have improved math scores, attendance, punctuality, and decreased anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity. As far as the virus, food can be distributed safely and in a manner that prevents contamination. Perhaps, school breakfast could only be occasional, such as on Rosh Chodesh.

If it seems as though I am asking for too much, I urge you to reconsider. Especially with this year being entirely unconventional and all the more demanding, I am sure the school breakfast we all remember will ease our nerves, satiate our appetites, and longing for the “good old days.”

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