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  • Chloe Mastour

Opinion Piece: Are Staircases Really One Step Away From Our Inexistence?

Lately, it seems North Shore has been controlling traffic rather than cultivating a well-oiled student body. We are not cars who need to stay inside our lanes, so I suggest we stop pretending we are. Besides, from what I see every day, most of my peers and teachers are not interested in remaining on the right side of the road.

As part of the school’s reopening plan for this year, the website noted that “Stairway usage will involve up and down designated stairways. Signage will indicate in which direction the traffic should flow.” Of course, I believe that our school should be designed to maintain the safety of North Shore students, faculty, and staff. Although, sprinting across the hall to the opposite stairwell to make it to my next class doesn’t seem to be helping anyone. When students are confined to one staircase, we are all practically breathing down each other’s necks, piled on top of one another. Most of us are taking the staircase that is entirely inconvenient considering our actual destination, but at least we are socially distancing! No disrespect intended, I just want to be practical.

I would like to acknowledge that if this rule continues to be in effect, I kindly ask teachers to please abide by the rules as well. We are all in this situation together, and everyone is working to do their part in slowing the spread; because I cannot count how many times I have seen teachers who have condemned other students for using the wrong stairwell, doing precisely that. This is especially upsetting as Dr. Vitow has made numerous announcements reminding students and faculty that the stairwell regulations apply to everyone.

Other than instituting designated stairwells, North Shore has marked the halls to create lanes. I am all for this as it prevents that awkward three-second interaction of slamming into someone, causing your books to knock over, then arriving late to class, ruining your entire life and all chance of being happy; because that just happens all of the time, not just in cheesy Netflix movies.

Though, the notion that lanes prevent the spread of the virus by a skyrocketing percentage rate seems like pure speculation, to me. Again, it is highly important that the school takes the necessary precautions to protect against the spread of Covid-19, and it is doing a superb job. However, lanes are completely irrelevant, in my opinion.

Unless, of course, we are trying to prevent a ten-car pileup in the lunchroom.

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