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  • Sofia LoPresti

NSHAHS’s Spectacular Art Program

The time to select your classes for next year is approaching, and while there are some students who know which classes they’d like to take, there are those who still don’t. Maybe you’d like to take double Gemara, or maybe you want to take Science Research. Those are all good options -great, even- but one that really stands out is the art program. There’s a large variety of classes in the art program, including pre-AP and AP Studio Art, Fashion Design, Architecture, and many others. They’re so great for developing your creativity, and they’re fun, too!

Skylar Askari, a junior at NSHAHS, said that AP Art “gives her the opportunity to use her imagination and express herself." Likewise, freshman Jolie Dilmanian offered her opinion on pre-AP Art, “I am able to be creative and do what I love at school." Sophomore Jessica Barayev shared her thoughts on the Fashion class, “I like fashion, and I like designing, too. I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to be able to create my own fashion designs."

If you don’t have the opportunity to take an art class next year because your schedule is too full, or because it is not offered to your grade, there are still plenty of ways to participate! There are a number of art clubs everyone can join, which include Pottery, Graphic Design, Fashion (for those who want to take the class in future years), and Drawing and Painting. Freshman Ariella Geller says, “It’s a really relaxing club, and it is a fun break in the middle of the day. There is so much room to be creative and so many different things to make. The teacher, Ms. Cohen, is really helpful and encouraging." Avital Abramov, a freshman, gave her opinion on the Fashion Club, “I’ve always had a passion for art, but joining fashion design opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of it. I now look forward to spending my Tuesday lunches in the art room, where I create new designs every week."

Even if you aren’t able to fit your desired art class into your schedule, the clubs provide a great idea of what the class will be like. If you don’t want to take an art class, you can always be a member of one of the art department’s amazing clubs. Besides, it is so much fun!

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