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  • Elaine Novogrudsky

NSHAHS Open House

October 30th was a very exciting day for North Shore: We welcomed over 100 prospective students to our campus to visit the grounds and get a sense of daily school life. As a choir member and volunteer, I got to experience the NSHAHS open house firsthand and be a guide to prospective students!

When families first arrived at the Open House, they were greeted by student volunteers. Breakfast and snacks were set up throughout the second and third floors for guests to enjoy. The choir then performed two songs for guests in our synagogue. Choir member Aliza Reiss says, “Us ninth graders only just met the choir teacher, but we bonded and brought a great performance!” After this performance, a video of the school was shown depicting scenes from school life, ranging from AP Bio labs to the Beit Midrash program to 360 classes.

Students and parents both got the chance to ask questions to panel members about the school. Teachers hosted classes like “How to choose the Best Yeshiva” in addition to a Hebrew language class. In the gym, a buffet lunch was served, and a club fair was hosted. The amazing extracurriculars at North Shore were displayed, including the art department and the art they produced.

Sophomore Elisheva Lemonik was the representative of the performance arts table, and she says, "I think it went really well this year; there were a lot of people and they all seemed pretty excited." Before leaving our building, new students received cool swag.

Student volunteer Leeron Elian said that “The open house allowed prospective students to get to know each other better and get a feel of what their freshman year will feel like. Overall, it was very successful!” I was really happy to be at the Open House to show the spirit that North Shore’s all about!

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