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  • Yoni Hourizadeh

NSHA Lions Take Home the Gold!

They have done it! The Boys Varsity Basketball team has successfully completed their Undefeated Season! After a 14-0 regular season record, the Lions proceeded to win two playoff games, leading them to the championship game against the Frisch Cougars. Buses were packed with students and excitement as they headed to Yeshiva University to cheer on the team. Throughout the season, Senior David Orbach led the team to many victories, so Frisch put most of their defensive efforts into stopping him. After several teammates got into foul trouble, Junior Ben Abizadeh stepped up for the team and scored a team-high of 22 points. The first half of the game had a lot of back and forth, but North Shore pulled away in the second half with a 63-43 victory over the Cougars. Abizadeh went on to win the Finals MVP, but he humbly gave Orbach the trophy, saying, “He’s the one who led us here, he deserves it." This selflessness is what enabled the team to reach the finals in the first place. Many would argue all 5 starters could be viewed as the “first option” on many teams. After a Junior Varsity championship last year, it is now back-to-back championships for the Lions, and we all know they will be looking to “3peat” in September.

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