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  • Jolie Dilmanian

NSHA Challah Bake

This month, North Shore Hebrew Academy High School hosted its first-ever Challah Bake. On March 9th, during periods 7 and 8, all the girls who signed up in advance got to participate in this huge mitzvah. We made challah in the honor of 80 Refua Shlema names. The students on our Student Council spent a lot of time working with Mrs. Septimus to make sure this event happened in an organized and efficient manner. There were over 100 girls who participated in the event. The program began in the Shul, where we were given a lesson by Debbie Aziz, one of the women who came to help out. She spoke about the meaning of challah and connected the concept of challah to the old days of Judaism. It was a beautiful speech to hear before going to the lunchroom to start mixing all the ingredients.

While preparing the ingredients, everyone was united and getting along. It was a very nice way for all the girls in our school to mingle and connect. While waiting for the yeast to rise, another woman, Melody Daneshrad, taught about Brachot and what different Jewish communities do. She taught how some people burn a piece of their dough while others give it to a Cohen to eat. While kneading the dough, participants read a Perek of Tehillim for the Cholim (sick people). Once everyone’s dough was ready, Melody went around and each girl recited the Bracha on the microphone to get as many amens as possible. She taught that every time someone says amen to a Bracha, they are putting a brick on the building of the Beit Hamikdash in Olam Habah.

Leya Kalaty, one of the girls who organized and participated in this event, said, “The Challah Bake was a very fun and memorable experience. I learned a lot, did a mitzvah, and was rewarded with yummy challah for Shabbat.” This event was extremely special and meaningful to everyone, and I hope our school does it again in the future.

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