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November Student of the Month- Shira Cohen

The November Student of the Month is Shira Cohen! Shira is only a junior and she has already accomplished so much. She is the President of the Creative Writing Club, she was awarded an honorable mention at the Long Island Science Competition, and is the Head Writer of everyone’s favorite school newspaper! This year, she is taking 4 AP classes, and her favorite one so far is AP Psychology. Her interest in this class has prompted her to join Every Mind Matters, a new club at North Shore, which discusses different aspects of psychology, such as stress and different methods of studying. She has been a lead participant in political clubs like Debate and Model congress since her freshman year, and is looking forward to continuing to pursue these clubs throughout the remainder of her high school career. She is also very excited to take the Bechinat Yerushalmit exam in December! In addition, giving back to her community is very important to Shira. She is part of an organization called the Shalom Task Force, where she learns about domestic violence and prepares to be a leader in her own community. The Purple Fellowship of the Shalom Task Force trains students on the seriousness of domestic violence and how to reach out to people in their own community who might need help. She thinks that this experience was incredibly eye-opening and she is grateful to have been educated on this topic. Clearly, Shira is an extremely multifaceted student and she has a bright future ahead of her. Congratulations Shira!

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