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North Shore Wins Big at DECA!

DECA, or the Distributive Education Clubs of America, is an organization that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions for high schoolers and college students all across the country. These events include role-plays, essay competitions, and even tests focusing on various sectors of the business world. North Shore students competed in these events back in February, and the results were recently released, with many of our students coming out on top. Role-play and exam medal-winners included sophomores Oliver Hazghiyan and Aiden Hematin, juniors Chloe Ganjian, Asher Yeger, and Tamir Cohen, and Senior Shoshana Horn. In the essay competition, Sarah Brisman and Julia Hajibai even won first place on the state level, thus advancing to the National competition that will be taking place in Atlanta later this year! In addition to receiving awards, students used the program as an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills, as well as their knowledge of the business world. When asked about her experience at DECA, junior Chloe Ganjian said, "DECA provided me with the unique opportunity to learn about the business world through action, rather than just sitting in a classroom and taking notes." DECA allows students to explore their interests in business, and it helps cultivate a passion for business in students nationwide. That being said, congratulations to everyone who competed, and good luck to all those advancing!

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