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  • Lior Edrich

North Shore Students’ Takes on the Presidential Debates

2020 has really been quite the year- we not only had to endure the stress of a global pandemic, but another presidential election, which means debates. As people watched the first debate on September 29th, a series of differing opinions were generated. We therefore asked the students of North Shore to give their thoughts on the debate. Senior Rebeka Nissan states, “In my opinion, the debate was unprofessional and chaotic. Both candidates constantly interrupted their opponent and spoke more about their personal triumphs rather than actual policy.” Junior Abigail Mottahedeh offers, “I didn’t feel like they were speaking to the American people; they were mostly just bickering at each other.” Claudia Tawil adds, “This debate was degrading to our country.” As students are approaching adulthood, they have come to realize the importance of voting, especially for the president. This debate has given them an example of what each candidate could lead us towards, as a country.

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