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  • Julia Hajibay-Piranesi

North Shore Students Tackle the 2022 AP Exams

Updated: May 23, 2022

As a method of preparing students for college, College Board permits students to take college-level courses in high school. These courses are more in-depth than standard high school courses, but they provide students with a great introduction to college-style coursework. Completing AP courses helps students move from high school to college.

Spending a whole year training, studying and preparing for an exam that you only have one shot at can be extremely pressuring. Although people commonly say, “Score high,” it is not always about the score. Yes, if you get a 4 or 5 you may earn college credits- however, it is the fact that you challenged yourself that matters.

Whether you want to major in Psychology, Biology, Economics or even Political Science, the College Board offers all of these courses to prepare you for your future. But, for you to get the full benefit out of your AP classes, you’ll need to make sure you know how to prepare for the AP exam. You must ensure that you are learning the course information daily in order to do well in an AP class. It's pointless to try to cram facts into your brain the night before a test. So, if you're wondering how to prepare for an AP class, the first step is to study!

AP week in North Shore is stressful yet relieving. My favorite part of the process is when teachers give students their last bit of advice and their best wishes as the students walk into the building to take their exams. On the day of my AP United States history exam, my teacher, Dr. Allen, told us, “You guys are absolutely amazing; you have pushed it to the limit and you are ready to take this test. I can't wait to hear how everyone did because I know it's going to be a huge success. I am very proud of all of you.” This piece of advice allowed me to go into my exam with confidence.

AP programs assist students by giving a rigorous education in areas that would otherwise be overlooked in a typical high school course. This may even lead to you being exposed to fresh ideas that help form your future professional aspirations! While the college credits are nice, it is the feeling that all the studying and hard work paid off that makes it all worth it. If you can handle it, don't take the easy way out and go through high school without taking an AP course. Challenge yourself! Performing something harder than usual allows you to set goals and experience future success!

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