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North Shore Sports Update

While North Shore is known for its intelligent and motivated student body, as they excel in their classes and maintain good grades, it is also important to recognize their athletic ability. Like most years, North Shore’s sports teams this year have promising talent. North Shore students are involved in Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Hockey, and more! They successfully balance their school work and lengthy after-school practices. The JV boys basketball team is filled with skilled players both on and off the court. They dominate the court on offense and defense. Their transitional offense is superb as they have had many successful fast-breaks after stopping the opposing team from scoring on defense. They’ve played against strong teams this season and have a record of 3 wins and 3 losses. In the game against HAFTR, North Shore won by four points and beat Rambam by more than 20 points on two different occasions. North Shore had a close match with DRS and lost by only 5 points.

The boys Varsity Basketball team has also shown promise. Similar to the JV team, they’ve defeated Rambam twice and lost to DRS in a close game. In the game against Magen David, they had an amazing performance and pulled through, winning by 4 points. They are incredibly entertaining to watch.

Basketball isn’t the only sport North Shore is good at, though. This year, North Shore’s JV hockey team is making tremendous progress. After a rocky start, the team currently has 3 wins and 4 losses. They won both games against Solomon Schechter, one being a blowout game; the score was 6 to 0. We are very proud of our hockey team! Hopefully North Shore’s sports teams will continue to prosper and showcase their talent. I look forward to seeing what the future holds!

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