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  • Chloe Ganjian

North Shore Sports: Closing Off Our Winter Season and Welcoming the New Spring Season

Spring is finally approaching! In addition to the warm weather, lighter afternoons and exciting school programs, the beginning of spring means that spring sports at North Shore have finally begun!

Both boys and girls can try out for the soccer teams, which are always a student favorite. Both teams will be mentored by Coach Chris Corey, another student favorite! While the girl’s volleyball team performed in the winter season, the boys get their chance to play this spring. The boy’s volleyball team will be run by Coach Jeffrey Malis, who also coached the girl’s team in the winter. The boy’s baseball team, coached by Mr. Levy, and the girl’s softball team will also be performing this spring. Junior Rachel Mayeri is looking forward to the softball season. As she says, "I am very excited to improve my softball skills and develop strong relationships with my teammates." Other North Shore spring sports include the girls and boy’s hockey and tennis teams.

Even though the spring season is upon us, our winter season is not over just yet! The Junior Varsity girl's basketball team made it to the Yeshiva League playoffs. The JV boy’s basketball team achieved even more success, as they made it to the Yeshiva League CHAMPIONSHIP! On Sunday, March 20th, the JV boys will be playing against Magen David in the Championship round. The game will take place at Yeshiva University’s Max Stern Athletic Center, and a bus will be taking students from school to the game. Basketball player and Sophomore Samuel Rahmani says, "I am excited for the game and can't wait for my team to be the champions!" Everyone is looking forward to the game, and all students are encouraged to attend and support our athletes!

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