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North Shore Sports are Back!

Hasn't everyone missed a good after-school basketball game, sitting in a crowd filled with people chanting “NORTH SHORE, NORTH SHORE”? Well good news, North Shore sports are back! After a year filled with covid restrictions and chaos, progress has finally been made. All the school sports teams in the Yeshiva League were extremely excited to hear this news. Even though things are a bit different, which of course they must be to protect our health, every player is willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of a team again. Abigail Mottahedeh, a member of the 12th grade girls varsity basketball team, said the following: “After not playing basketball for North Shore for a year, I am happy to be back with my team, competing against other schools. I love working together with my team and staying fit!”

Regarding the boys hockey team, unfortunately they lost their first game; however, they still continued to practice, ensuring that they won the next game. Boris Mulad in the 11th grade had the following to say about their second game: “Monday’s game was the most intense game I’ve ever played.” He did not give up or allow the fact that they did not win the first game to interfere with his performance. Did you know, fans are allowed to come to home games if vaccinated?! It was the fans in the crowd who cheered for Boris that motivated him to play even harder. He said: “the way they cheered me on gave me the motivation to play harder.” Be that fan and support your classmates. Team players devote a lot of hard work and dedication to their team on top of all their tests and homework. When classmates come to support the players, it makes it all worth it. Ari Tuerack, a senior on the boys varsity basketball team, says: “ Seeing fans support me, especially on my home court, makes me want to win even more. My peers that cheer me on are the reason I can play hard on the court.” So, with that being said, don’t miss out on the varsity boys basketball home game on November 16th! You can even watch the game live on @Northshorelive_ on Instagram. Be sure to check it out!

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