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  • Gabriella Kahen

North Shore's Wonderful Art Department

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Here at North Shore, we have an amazing art department. The two art teachers, Mrs. Folk and Mrs. Damacco, do an extraordinary job teaching us how to draw, paint, and sketch. In the Pre AP Art course, a prerequisite of AP Art, our amazing teachers can turn any student into a Picaso. Unlike most schools that spend one year for AP Art, North Shore’s art department has each student spend two. When first starting the course, students do a “sustained investigation.” In other words, we must think hard and creatively to create a theme or idea to base all fifteen of our pieces on; this is a major part of the project. You can’t start without it. Even before beginning the AP Art course, Mrs. Folk asks that over the summer each student think of three themes and explore them in their sketchbooks. Once school starts, we choose one of those themes and expand on them, thinking of ways to showcase our ideas visually. As of now, most AP art students have already finished one of their pieces; we all have a long way to go, though! Every few weeks, the whole class gathers around for a “critique.” This is where the artists showcase their current piece to the rest of the class and have their fellow students offer advice and tips for improvement. It’s always good to have someone else look at your work with a fresh eye after you spend weeks at a time looking at it.

Thankfully, North Shore’s Art Department is growing each year! I love the class so much! It acts as an outlet for me, allowing me to relax and dive into my work. As most are starting to organize their schedules for next year, I strongly urge students to come into the art room and speak to one of our extremely talented teachers to see what cool classes are in store! With courses such as studio art, architecture, and fashion, there is something for everyone! Don’t be afraid to try something new- you may love it!

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