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  • Rebecca Schatz

North Shore’s Reopening Plan

Welcome back all students and faculty! Over the summer, North Shore has made detailed plans about how school was going to be run this year. To start off, the school is split in half with students with last names A-L going into school Monday and Wednesday, while students with last names M-Z go into school Tuesday and Thursday with alternating Fridays. This decision has limited class sizes, so there is plenty of social distancing in classrooms. The students who don’t go to school are on Zoom on the teacher’s computer. Having some students on Zoom and some in person limits the class size so desks can be spread apart. Despite the fact that we are able to successfully social distance, masks are required in each class for precautionary purposes.

Additionally, everyone is required to wear masks throughout the day, including when walking through the hallways and stairways. There are mask breaks in designated areas, including classrooms and during lunch. Breakfast and lunch is now served in the cafeteria and the gym, prepackaged, with desks 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing while eating. Each stairway is marked and specialized for either going upstairs or downstairs to help retain social distancing during the unavoidable traffic in between classes.

To monitor students’ health, before entering school each day, there is a policy to pass a screening test of 4 questions each morning. The entire building is also cleaned thoroughly after school everyday. Cleaning and sanitization will play a crucial role this school year. However, everyone must continue to be careful by wearing their masks and constantly washing their hands throughout the day. Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and great year. Shana Tova!

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