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  • Shira Cohen

North Shore's Investing Club

The investing club, run by Mr. Garfinkel, the Chairperson of the Business Department, is perfect for anyone interested in… you guessed it, investing! Meeting once every two weeks after school, students explore, research, and discuss ways to increase wealth through all types of investments. This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, options, collectibles, and more! To make the learning more enjoyable, Mr. Garfinkel incorporates kahoot games into his lessons and rewards students who place in the top three. Students also participate in Investopedia, a stock simulator where they may invest “money” into stocks of their choice. Those who earn the most money can win prizes! This allows club members to learn more about the stock market and how to invest their money efficiently. In addition, Mr. Garfinkel encourages the club’s officers and members to occasionally speak about their favorite stocks or real-estate strategies. This introduces students to stocks they may be unfamiliar with or have simply never considered investing in. It is both an educational and enjoyable experience. As junior Tamir Cohen, a loyal member of the club, states, “It’s truly a great club led by an amazing teacher. I highly recommend joining!” Students, don't be shy and take his advice!

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