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  • Leanna Hakakian

North Shore's Grade BBQs

Updated: May 17, 2021

This past week, North Shore students of all grades enjoyed a delicious after school barbeque funded by the school; each grade had their own designated day. Burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, salads, and tasty desserts were all served! After finishing their dinner, students participated in a fun activity, and were rewarded with a Dunkin Donuts gift card if they came in first. It was a great opportunity for students to work together, escape from the stressors of school, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Most students felt that it was exactly what they needed amidst such an unusual school year. It was a true blast! As Sophomore Gabriella Hakakian said, “it was extremely unifying to be able to do a fun activity with my grade.” Junior Abigail Mottahedeh adds: “it was really nice spending time with my grade as a whole.” This was a step towards normalcy for most students, as they were in the PHYSICAL presence of one another; they were not simply seeing each other through a computer screen. This was especially important for seniors, as they are spending their last year together as a grade. As Senior Talia Dror stated: “this could not have come at a better time. It was so nice to spend quality time with my grade for one of the last times.” On behalf of the entire school, we thank Mrs. Gold and Mrs. Septimus for organizing such amazing events. They truly went above and beyond!

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