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  • Julia Hajibay-Piranesi

North Shore's Got Talent!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

To be a star in your academics is one thing, but to share your talent with others puts you on a pedestal. To see my classmates share such amazing talents with me truly inspired me. I thought I knew my classmates, sitting through long periods of intense learning together. But North Shore’s Got Talent proved that the classmates we “know well” are creative, inspiring, and surprising! To see tenth grader, Steven Sardar, get up in front of the whole school with confidence and perform a funny and creative act with a huge crowd showed a completely new side to him, full of fun and entertainment. The beauty of an event like this is to allowed students to go beyond their comfort zone and dazzle everyone with the array of talents and genius that is the definition of students of North Shore. Ilana Greenburg, a ninth grader, blew everyone's mind away. Not only did she recite Pie, but she solved two Rubix cubes while closing her eyes. It was fascinating and awe inspiring. Ayala Douek, the winner of this year's North Shore’s Got Talent, performed an incredible song (“All I ask” by Adele) that blew everyone's minds away. It is amazing to see that your classmate can be answering a question in class and you had no idea they were a singer. All of Ayala’s classmates now see a whole new side to her. I encourage you to participate in the talent show next year, and to show off your talent right! Pick up some new talents, and embrace them. You may even end up like Ayala and win two free tickets to any event!

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