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  • Chloe Ganjian

North Shore's Got Talent!

Every year around Chanukah, students of the North Shore Hebrew Academy look forward to the famous spirit week! Spirit week, coordinated by Mrs. Septimus, is packed with fun activities each day, which lead up to North Shore’s Got Talent, the school’s annual talent show! This year, due to the hybrid learning system, an unexpected snow day and additional unprecedented obstacles, spirit week was cut short and had to be postponed until this past week.

Throughout the week, North Shore students fulfilled a great act of chesed by collecting new socks for the homeless. On Friday, group A was finally able to enjoy a pre-Shabbos pajama day and a warm kumzitz. Many students agreed that the highlight of the week was North Shore’s Got Talent! The talent show was on Monday for group A and Thursday for group B. The judges of this year’s talent show were Mr. Gould and Mrs. Zelka on Monday, and Mr. Ethe and Mrs. Zelka on Thursday. Students enjoyed watching wonderful performances by their talented peers. There were fantastic singers, pianists, guitarists, chess players and even some comedy acts! Sophomore Ella Hakimian said that her favorite performers were the singers- she really enjoyed listening to their soothing voices.

Wonderful job to all the students who participated! Although this year’s spirit week was definitely different, Mrs. Septimus did an amazing job tackling every obstacle to make sure that in this time of uncertainty, North Shore students still had something to look forward to!

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