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North Shore Dominates Chess Tournament

On Wednesday, November 16th, the North Shore Hebrew Academy chess team faced off against HANC in a tight competition. North Shore's team had been preparing for their season since the start of the school year, so they were more than prepared. "We began practicing back in September to ensure the team's success," said David Orbach, a senior on the team. After a tough competition, filled with ups and downs, the final scores were announced. Luckily, North Shore's hard work and dedication paid off in the end, and they came out on top. Maier Khabieh, Allen Katayev, David Orbach, and Noah Baruch were among the highest-performing players in the competition, leading North Shore to their decisive victory! Maier Khabieh said, "our win was definitely the highlight of my week. I put a lot of time and effort into developing my chess skills, so it's nice to see all that hard work pay off." Hopefully, this win will be the first of many for North Shore this upcoming season. Go Team!

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