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  • Yonathan Hourizadeh

NBA All-Star Weekend Wrap Up

The NBA All Star Weekend is highly anticipated all season by both the players and the fans. It gives the players time to rest for their playoff pushes while also providing entertainment for the fans. Here is a breakdown of the various competitions and their outcomes:

The Skills Challenge

The players were split up into teams of three and had to get through various obstacles as quickly as possible. The Cleveland Cavaliers trio of Jarrett Allen, Darius Garland, and Evan Mobley defeated the Antetokounmpo brothers, as well as the rookie teams.

The 3 Point Contest

Going into the contest, Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl Anthony Towns (aka KAT) had the worst odds of winning the contest (+1200), despite the fact that he’s been shooting 41% from deep so far this season. In addition, he is having arguably the best shooting season from a big man in NBA history. Towns dominated the contest and won with ease.

The Slam Dunk Contest

The dunk contest is always the most highly-anticipated event of the weekend, and in years past there have been some memorable ones, but this year’s event did not live up to the hype. New York Knicks’ Sophomore Obi Toppin won the competition, but it feels as though he won by default as the competition this year was weak. Nonetheless, Toppin won the contest and deserves credit as such.

NBA All Star Game

The Weeked’s big event… the All Star Game! Featuring top players in the league, the game is highly competitive. In the 4th quarter, the target score is determined and whoever reaches it first wins. 2-time-MVP Stephen Curry had an outstanding performence, scoring 50 points for team Lebron. Ultimately, the team captain, Lebron James, sealed the game with a fadeaway dagger. Curry still recieved the All Star game MVP award and the fans got a thriller of a game with a final score of 163-160.

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