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  • Emma Hematian

Movie Review- Nacho Libre

Jack Black’s 2006 film “Nacho Libre” is an underrated masterpiece. Black plays Ignacio, or Nacho, as his friends know him, a cook in a Mexican monastery, home to a host of orphans. Nacho has come to care for these children dearly, but unfortunately, the monastery doesn’t have enough money to feed them properly. To raise money for food, Nacho decides to moonlight as a luchador, a competitor in Lucha Libre wrestling. However, the church forbids Lucha to do so, and he therefore must disguise his identity along with his partner, Esqueleto. While a hilarious movie could always be anticipated with Jack Black, this film portrays the language of dry humor perfectly. Even just by staring right into the camera, Black has the ability to break almost anyone. In its essence, it’s so ridiculous, it’s brilliant.

The film is also family-friendly, so it’s the perfect ‘bonding movie’ for the whole family to enjoy. It contains heart, soul, humor, and captures the atmosphere in the early 70’s Mexico perfectly. What was the most surprising characteristic of the film was its beautiful setting. While portraying the poverty of the monastery, director Jared Hess illustrates such mesmerizing aesthetics. Never have I seen a film so comically brilliant with such an ethereal backdrop. ”Nacho Libre” is the hidden gem that you may be missing out on.

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