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  • Hanna Mordekai

Movie Review- 1917

1917, the 2020 film directed by Sam Mendes was truly one of the most chilling and natural movies I have ever seen. Winning an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture in 2020, and many more proves the impeccable camera work that made the masterpiece. The movie takes place in, shocker, 1917, during World War I. It follows two young British soldiers along a nine mile odyssey to another British trench to deliver a message. One of the aspects that made the movie genius was the fact that every scene was made in one shot. The movie felt like you were watching every aspect happen as if you were there, without any cuts. The movie was disturbingly raw and resembled the true tragedies of war. It was not composed to tell what should have, or could have happened, but rather what would have and did happen during World War I. The film stars actors George Mackay and Dean Charles Chapman (Yes, as in King Tommen Baratheon from Game of Thrones). If you love war movies, such as Saving Private Ryan and Hacksaw Ridge, I would highly recommend 1917.

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