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  • Ethan Kohananoo

Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine

The long awaited vaccines finally seem to be emerging as companies such as Moderna and Pfizer enter their final stages. Moderna, after doing an experiment on human subjects, concluded that they have a 94.1% success rate, which means that the vaccine is very effective. Moderna asked for emergency clearance from the FDA for their vaccine after data clearly confirmed that the vaccine is effective. Moderna is the second drugmaker to look for emergency use from the FDA after Pfizer also applied for the same authorization on November 20th. Pfizer's vaccine had a 90% success rate, which is impressive, but Moderna’s reached an even higher percentage. This means that some Americans can possibly get some of the first doses of Moderna’s vaccine within a few weeks. This can affect our school, because we know that the vaccine is very effective, and if everyone gets vaccinated our school might be able to reconsider the hybrid learning model. If this vaccine becomes available to everyone, mask wearing rules might be able to change. More restaurants will also be able to reopen. On top of that, people won't necessarily have to socially distance, making it possible for people to gather on holidays or over the weekend. With an effective vaccine, people will hopefully be able to resume their normal pre-Coronavirus lives.

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