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  • Elaine Novogrudsky

Mock Trial Victory

The NSHAHS Mock Trial team kicked off its season with a trial against Great Neck North High School at the Nassau County Supreme Court. Mock Trial is a competition in which students imitate trial procedures and compete against other schools as either plaintiff or defense. A currently serving judge decides the outcome of the case. Mr. Muir and attorney Ms. Ben-Sorek coach and advise the team. Students serve as lawyers, who defend their witnesses in court, as well as witnesses, who act as different characters in the case in an effort to either defend or prove the accused guilty. Mock Trial is an incredibly challenging club, and it requires immense preparation and quick-thinking strategies. Public speaking and acting are key skills that help Mock Trial participants succeed. Witnesses in the trial undergo both direct examination, where they can expect what the questions will be, and cross-examination, where they are put on the “hot seat” and must think quickly on their feet. Additionally, lawyers must think of possible objections rapidly in order to use them against the current examiner and help their witness. In the recent Plaintiff trial on February 7th, three North Shore seniors served as attorneys. After a lot of hard work, North Shore won the trial! Freshman Tamar Katz says, “As a new member of Mock Trial, I was intimidated by the large courtroom yet also impressed by the performance of team members. I am very excited to participate in future trials.” There are multiple upcoming trials, and we are hopeful that our North Shore team will continue advancing!

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