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  • Jeremy Sofiev

Lebron James Wins his 4th Championship- Let’s Appreciate Him While He is Still Playing

After Lebron's win on Sunday night against the Miami Heat, he secured his fourth NBA championship and his third finals MVP adding yet another accolade to his already stellar resume. While this Los Angeles Lakers title will undoubtedly kindle more GOAT arguments about James vs. Michael Jordan, let's leave MJ out of it for a minute - because according to most, no one will ever catch him in the race. Instead, let's take some time to appreciate the greatness James has accomplished so far, because it's remarkable.

Game 6 was James' 260th playoff game, passing Derek Fisher for most all-time.

That's incredible on its own especially when you consider how hard James plays and how central he has been in every single postseason game he has played, the fact becomes even more impressive. Since making his postseason debut on April 22, 2006, James has never missed a single playoff game due to injury. Not one. Think about that. Almost every year the Finals are affected by major injuries. Last year it was Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. This year it has been Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo. Through 10 Finals trips, James' durability is unreal.

He's the only player in league history who has scored at least 6,000 playoff points. One huge reason James has been to nine of the past 10 Finals is because his court vision and passing tend to make the players around him a lot more effective. And after surpassing Stockton in Game 3 of this series, James now ranks second in career playoff assists. Only Johnson has more. Stats are one thing, but triumphs are the ultimate prize. As James sits on the precipice of another title, consider: Nobody in league history has been more reliable closing out a series than James, who has won an astounding 79% of his closeout games.

At age 35, James is currently the best basketball player in the NBA. Maybe you think he's the greatest of all time, maybe you don't. Regardless, his ridiculous playoff stats make one thing crystal clear: Nobody has left a greater mark on postseason basketball for as long as this guy has. Let's appreciate his greatness while he’s still here. I hope you enjoyed watching him play and witnessing his 4th championship in one of the league's most historic and iconic franchises, the Purple and Gold.

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