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Knocking it Outta the Park with Intramural Sports

The new year has only just begun, but North Shore’s new Intramural Sports program already sounds like a sure slam dunk! After playing around with the idea for intramural football leagues for quite some time, Dr. Vitow is finally bringing the sport to North Shore.

With lunchtime basketball now long gone and the pandemic having sucked the living soul out of what used to be good ol’ school spirit, boys and girls flag football sounds like an exciting way to unwind with friends and enjoy high school the way it should be enjoyed: by having fun! Whether you’re a freshman looking to get acquainted with your peers or a sleep-deprived senior drowning in college essays, remember that you deserve to take a break and clear your head. After all, Dr. Vitow has been peddling the idea of intramural sports for so long because he truly cares about the happiness of each and every one of his students. Sometimes school can be all fun and games.

Played six-on-six and are refereed by Mr. Terrano, Flag Football games are held after school two days a week (Mr. Terrano also manages North Shore’s instructional CPR course, which you should also look into)! Mr. Muir has confirmed that the intramural leagues will not interfere with any after-school activities, so the only thing you ought to lose when you join is the game! Drafts for both boys and girls leagues were conducted this past Tuesday by Mr. Muir and Mr. Toronto. If you expressed an interest, make sure to check for your name on the roster. Don’t forget, participants adopt their own team name and can also design their jerseys! If I’ve piqued a sudden interest in you, go ahead and sign up. It’s never too late to join, and proof of Covid vaccines nor decent athletic ability are required to participate.

If you’re like me, I bet your computer is flooded with the same sports emails from Mr. Muir. If you want to become a team captain or play with a few friends, sign up on the correct spreadsheet or email Mr. Muir to let him know that you’re ready to have some fun. What are you waiting for? Throw on your jerseys, lace up your sneakers, and get ready to rumble!

You know what they say,

Play Ball!

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