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  • Abigail Mottahedeh

Junior Letter

This year’s Shiriyah was an experience like no other. We, the Junior class, put our all into each and every activity. The grade generals, Ashley Cohen, Jasmine Edalati, Ikey Croog, and Joey Rahmani spent countless hours organizing our grade, and making sure each day would run smoothly. These four Juniors accepted the responsibility of being generals, and we are happy that they did. We thank them for all that they did to make this Shiriyah the best it could have been. We also wanted to thank the amazing staff and administration who made Shiriyah 2021 happen, despite the circumstances. Additionally, since Pesach is approaching, each grade was given a theme related to Pesach. The Juniors theme was the Arbah Banim, which are the wise son, wicked son, simple son, and the son that doesn't know how to ask. The four sons' deeper meaning is to encourage children stimulate questions, strive to meet the children where they are individually, respect the way each one learns, and respond accordingly and appropriately. The Juniors applied their theme to every sector of Shiriyah, such as banner, song, and hallway.

The overall scores took an unexpected turn, as the Juniors clinched the third place spot. The saddening loss does not undermine our hardwork and success in specific activities. Juniors this year won hallway, architecture, cake, rope tying, song, apache and more. The Juniors showed unity and determination throughout Shiriyah. Our English song to “I Lived” by OneRepublic, brought chills to many as we sang about our continuous effort and hard work.

As Juniors, we are very proud of the wonderful job our grade did at incorporating our theme into each event, infusing them all with meaning. We are sad by the unexpected loss, but happy to have next year as our opportunity to redeem ourselves and bring home the big win.

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