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  • Shimon Rokhkind

Junior College Night

This past Wednesday, November 16th, marked the official start of the college admissions process for North Shore's current junior class! Students, along with their parents, gathered in the shul for a Junior College Night, where they had the opportunity to learn all there is to know about applying to college. After a short introductory speech from Mr. Miller, the mic was turned over to North Shore’s knowledgeable and experienced college guidance team. Ms. Kramer, Ms. Vitale, and Ms. Pepe spoke about different aspects of the college application process, ranging from early decision deadlines to constructing a resume, and even taking a gap year in Israel. Students and parents were also able to ask questions and engage with the faculty, ensuring that no one was left with an unanswered question.

Some key takeaways from the program:

  • The goal of the application process isn't simply to get admitted to the most exclusive college possible, but to the one that will fit each individual best, enabling them to succeed academically and achieve their aspirations. Plenty of students are rejected by their dream schools, only to discover later that the college they ended up in is perfect for them. On the flip side, many students who do get into their dream schools find themselves struggling academically, as they are unable to keep up with their course load and succeed in their new environment.

  • For all those who are interested, North Shore highly encourages taking a gap year in Israel. In fact, many colleges appreciate it when students do so, as they often return as more mature, focused, and driven people.

  • The key to success in the college admissions process is being a proactive student. This includes showing demonstrated interest, whether it be by clicking on emails from prospective schools, visiting campuses, or even following universities’ social media.

Overall, Junior College Night was a very informative event. Questions were answered, confusion was cleared up, and the college admissions process was explained thoroughly. As a junior myself, I am confident that North Shore's college guidance team will stick by my side every step of the way, and I can't wait to schedule my first meeting with my advisor!

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