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  • Leanna Hakakian

Junior Banner

The theme of this year’s Junior class was Arbaat Habanim, The Four Sons. These sons are each different in their own way: one is smart, one is bad, one is simple, and one is too afraid to ask questions. Our banner, made by Emma Hematian, portrayed this concept beautifully. As a class, we understood how important it was to do extensive research on our theme. We soon learned that the example of Arbaat Habanim goes to show that each son must be taught differently- each and every person learns differently. Likewise, it is very important for a teacher to be able to teach a student based on their capabilities.

The quote “חינוך לנער לפי דרכו” says exactly this. It translates to “education for a boy based upon his pathway.” Our banner includes this quote because of how important it is to understand our theme. Our banner also includes each son and their characteristics. For example, the smart one is holding a book and the bad one is yelling. In the center of our banner, there is a seder plate. The story of the Arbaat Habanim is crucial because it teaches us that everybody is different in their own way, and they must be approached accordingly.

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