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  • Chloe Ganjian

It's Club Time!

School is back, and we all know what that means…

It is officially time to begin scouting the many clubs and extracurriculars offered at North Shore in order to decide which ones you want to join! I know how overwhelming the process can be, so I have gathered some tips and information to help you in your selection process!

For aspiring lawyers and politicians, I recommend the Debate team, the Mock Trial team, Model UN, and both the Penn and Yale Model Congress. These teams will most assuredly help you improve your public speaking skills and confidence. If you are more of a science nerd, you should look into Science Society, Medical Minds, Science Research, and Science Olympiad. Each of these extracurriculars will give you the chance to showcase your science skills, learn about the extensive applications of science and medicine, and think like a professional scientist. For the engineering, coding, and computer science geeks, Girls Who Code, the 3D Printing Club, North Shore’s new Python and Robotics classes, and the Math Team may be perfect for you. As a participant of these clubs, you will be granted the opportunity to create unlimited programs and channel your inner creativity. If you are a young entrepreneur, I recommend participating in DECA, the Real Estate Club, the Investing Club, and Business Explorers. You will certainly learn valuable lessons and skills that can be applied to real life scenarios. For our book worms and young journalists, I recommend the Creative Writing Club and Novel and Nosh. If you are interested in art, North Shore offers Ceramics, Fashion, Architecture, and Drawing/ Painting clubs, all of which are incredible opportunities to express your imagination and expand your artistic talents. The Torah Bowl team and Chesed Club are also fantastic extracurriculars to join.

Remember, it is crucial that you leap out of your comfort zone and explore different clubs. You might end up finding your new passion.

Disclaimer: these are just SOME of the many clubs that North Shore offers! If you have a club in mind that you would like to start, you can discuss it with Dr. Vitow and Mrs. Gold!

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