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  • Ella Hakimian

Interview a Teacher- Mrs. Malkie Goldschmidt

For Issue 15 of North Shore Notes, I, Ella Hakimian, interviewed Mrs. Goldschmidt, who has been working at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School for eight years and currently teaches AP economics. In the past, she has taught tefila and history classes at North Shore and worked in a public school. During our interview, Mrs. Goldschmidt was wearing a shirt with the saying “Caution: no filter” to ensure that she was going to give honest, real answers. She majored in psychology in college, and was involved in gerontology, which is the scientific study of aging. Mrs. Goldschmidt was taking a lot of history courses in college when an influential professor of hers told her she would make a great history teacher. She went on to take one or two education classes, got offered a scholarship, and here she is! Although our incredible economics teacher taught in public school for a while, she felt that she would be able to have a better connection to and impact on her students if she taught at North Shore, a school with a prestigious reputation. After hearing great things about Dr. Vitow, she came in for an interview and fortunately got the job.

Mrs. Goldschmidt believes that there is a balance of mutual respect between her and her students. In her classroom, she embraces the laughter and jokes. She explains that when teachers are on your side and have students' best interests at heart, the students will look up to their educators with admiration and importance. Mrs. Goldschmidt always has her students best interest at heart, which may partially be due to the fact that she is a mother to children of her own. Because she has three teenage daughters, she understands that teenage social lives can be very overwhelming and she therefore tries to be more understanding. Lastly, Mrs. Goldschmidt would like the students of North Shore Hebrew Academy to carry this piece of advice with them throughout their lives: whatever you put out into the world will find its way back to you. If you radiate positivity, that happy energy will return to you.

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