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  • Hannah Swartz

Interview a Teacher: Mr. Swartz on his Financial Analysis Course

Mr. Swartz joined the NSHAHS faculty just three years ago and his class is growing in popularity fast. He currently teaches Intro to Finance and Financial Analysis which discusses how to invest your money and as he puts it, “Put your money to work for you.” When asked why he decided to teach finance with no teaching experience he said, “I recognized that one of the things lacking in today’s education is that student’s graduate with no understanding of finance and investing.” One of the aspects that differentiates Mr. Swartz’s class from the rest is that he encourages students to invest their money. He not only talks about investing, but believes that the only way to truly learn is to experience the emotions that coincide with it first hand. His student, Daniel Kovan, responding to what he loves most about the class said, “It’s the only class that teaches you how to build wealth and pays you for attending.” Mr. Swartz invites anyone who is interested in learning to join his class next year and build their own wealth.

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