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  • Adam Edalati

Immigration- Team Trump

On the question of whether or not the president delivered on his promises with regards to the wall being built and Mexico paying for it:

When President Trump was elected, the United States was in the midst of an immigration crisis. People were entering the country illegally as they pleased, with absolutely no sign of slowing down. One of Trump’s many ideas, when he entered office, was fixing this immigration problem. For some odd apparent reason, many Americans believe that all Trump has to do to fix a problem, is snap his fingers. That is not the case. For an idea to pass through Congress, it has to be voted on and passed by a Congress filled with Biden-led Democrats, which are consistently shutting down every attempt Trump makes to fix the immigration problem, a problem that is clearly bipartisan, due to its harm to every part of America, but for some reason is being ignored by Democrats, and is only being acted on by Trump. If Biden is elected, not only will there be no progress on the issue of illegal immigration, but the problem will even become stronger, as he will look to undo all of Trump’s hard work. If something should have been done to prevent this outstanding problem, why hasn’t the Biden-included Congress already done it?

Let’s not forget the bigger picture, in that already 371 miles of border wall have indeed been built, with an aim to reach 450 miles by the end of 2020, as a result of giving Jared Kushner the task of getting it done. Kushner was able to bring together Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, and Stephen Miller, a senior adviser with a large role on immigration. The 5 were able to take large steps in getting the wall on track to be built.

Trump was also able to collaborate with Mexico to reduce the number of “bogus asylum claims,” claims which allowed illegals to apply for Asylum after they’ve crossed the border. This problem has rendered the border almost useless. As a result, Trump posted thousands of active-duty U.S. military to supervise the building of the wall, which had led to a 90 percent decrease in illegal immigration attempts. Over the past 8 months, the number of attempts has been consistently dropping. The law is being upheld, and we have Trump to thank. During President Trump’s tenure, he was able to pass a number of around 400 executive orders on the issue of immigration, and now, our border with Mexico is clearly more secure.

With response to the question of why children are being taken away from their parents at such a young age?

The problem with this question is that when parents get arrested for illegally crossing the border with their children, their children are not stripped from their parent’s arms. Instead, they are in fact, detained together, as a result of an executive order passed by Trump himself. After a 20 day period, if the parent does not receive asylum, the minor is required to be released from custody immediately. Coyotes and drug cartels are smuggling children across the border as well. In 2016, one unnamed coyote admitted that they rely on Drug Cartels to cross the border since drug cartels quote “control the border.” Despite how this problem may appear, this is not a problem caused by Trump. This same question was even asked during the Obama Administration. The bigger problem is, when Trump attempts to fix this separation problem, he is shut down by the Democrats in Congress. In the view of the Democrats, it is better to let a problem remain for political gain than it is to fix the problem, and we can thank the media for that.

President Trump is not opposed to immigration. He's opposed to illegal immigration, as his position is one of upholding the law. And, unfortunately, there have indeed been consequences. There were over 1000 children that were found without parents, and thanks to Trump’s efforts, that number was cut in half. Be it true that these parents are the ones that are breaking the law, but the larger story is that as a result of Trump being in power, these last four years, our border is more secure, the wall is being built, and the law is now being enforced better than ever. We now have better control over the border today than we did four years ago, and the wall will continue to be built if Trump is re-elected.

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