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Immigration- Team Biden

In response to what Trump has accomplished with regards to the wall:

One of the themes of President Trump's campaign that we saw at the debate is his habit of telling the American people that he is not your typical politician, and he delivers on his pledges. Trump's promise to build a wall has not been fulfilled. When he was in office, he said at every one of his rallies, “We're going to build the wall and it will be paid for by Mexico.” The President has said that he reached an understanding with Mexico but hasn’t told the people that congress refused to authorize funding for the wall. The money didn’t come from Mexico, it was illegally taken from the defense budget, allocated for salaries and healthcare for military families, the defense of our country, and national security. A debate over funding to build a wall along the Mexican border led to an unnecessary government shutdown from December 22, 2018, to January 25, 2019, which was detrimental to the US immigration court system. By mid-June 2019, the number of pending immigration court cases exceeded 900,000. “Has the president delivered on his promises?” What Trump has built is only a small fraction. Adam stated that Trump has built 371 miles of the wall, but what he didn’t mention is that the border is 2,000 miles long. The answer is no, the wall was not built.

Trump has waged an unrelenting assault on our values and our history as a nation of immigrants. He has allowed the use of family separation as a weapon against desperate mothers, fathers, and children who are seeking safety and a better life. He has threatened massive raids that would break up families who have been in this country for years and targets people at sensitive locations like hospitals and schools. The Trump administration has stopped allowing “Catch and Release” which is an immigration policy that allows migrant families apprehended at the border to enter the United States. Instead, Asylum seeking immigrants will be sent back to Mexico and wait for court dates in the US to pursue their claims for protection. While there was a humanitarian disaster in Syria, Trump cut US refugee admissions drastically. Antony Blinken, Biden’s top foreign-policy adviser, said a Biden administration would prioritize sending aid to Syrians in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan while also leading by example in reviving America’s own resettlement program. You're right, Donald Trump is not your average president, but definitely not in a good way. He consistently makes extravagant promises without actually delivering! He’s making things worse.

In response to the following question- does Joe Biden believe that illegal immigration should be decriminalized?

Joe Biden does not believe illegal immigration should be decriminalized. It would be an invitation to a new surge of illegal immigration from across the world. He believes in proper immigration, but it should reflect our highest values as a nation. Biden believes in strong border security, however, that does not mean a wall. His Immigration Plan contains steps to improve our Border Patrol. According to him, with better training and oversight, it is possible to improve how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement carries out Border Patrol. Biden also intends to bring the number of raids on workplaces and sensitive locations down.

Furthermore, Biden understands that we are a country of immigrants. We have over 11 million immigrants who have been here for over a decade and pay taxes, and the great majority of these individuals are law-abiding and hard-working. He would like for these 11 million immigrants to have a pathway to citizenship.

One issue that Joe Biden is passionate about is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA and the dreamers; the young individuals, like you and I, who grew up in this country. The Obama-Biden Administration created DACA in 2012 to protect these Dreamers. The current president would like to have them all deported. Biden understands these people are hardworking individuals and many would be willing to serve in the military. Instead of deporting them, we can take them out of the shadows and put them on the pathway to citizenship. Biden will ensure they are eligible for federal student loans and are included in his proposals to provide access to community college without debt. He will also increase government resources for Asylum seekers and expand a network of sources to help them. It reflects Vice President Biden’s character in contrast to President Trump’s.

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