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  • Hannah Feldschreiber

Honor Roll: North Shore Students Recognized For Their Hard Work

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

From the moment one enters our school building, they can tell that North Shore is made up of many hard-working and bright students. On Monday, May 23, the National Honor Society recognized those tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-graders whose Judaic Studies and General Studies averages were over a ninety-two at the annual Honor Roll ceremony. While freshmen were not eligible for this award, those who qualified were recognized as members of the Headmaster's Honor Roll. The ceremony began with a performance from the choir, directed by Mr. Sandy Shmuely. After months of practice and hard work, they wowed the gown-clad students and the large crowd of family and friends in attendance with their Hebrew songs and beautiful harmonies.

After the choir performed, the incoming National Honor Society officers each gave inspirational and well-written speeches. Incoming President Gabriele Joel Ghalandar spoke in depth about the five pillars of the National Honor Society. Chloe Ganjian, the Student of the Year, discussed the lessons she has learned from her time at North Shore, and specifically her active participation in the Mock Trial club. Vice-President Maytal Baruch introduced the next part of the Honor Roll program: the Lights of Torah, Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership. These lights were lit by Tamir Cohen, Brielle Kalter, Eliana Soleimani, Julia Hajibay-Piranesi, and Elisheva Nassimi, respectively. Each student described the pillar that their light represented, and although the candles didn't do a great job at staying lit, everyone was able to appreciate these students and how they represented the values that they so eloquently described.

Students were not the only ones recognized for their contributions; Both Rabbi Lehrer and Mrs. Gold, who are retiring, were recognized as honorary members of the National Honor Society for their massive contributions to the school and the student body. These faculty members both added a sense of ruach and togetherness to the school that will be sorely missed next school year. After Rabbi Lehrer and Mrs. Gold were presented with their awards, even more students were recognized for their brilliance. Asher Yeger was presented with the departmental Chemistry award, Gabriel Rahmani was given the Engineering award, and all of the students who participated in LISEF were given awards to recognize their hard work conducting science research projects. Then, Poet Laureate Chloe Ganjian recited her poem “Shabbos Dove,” a meaningful and touching work about the sanctity of Shabbos.

Finally, all of the students who received subject awards and/or National Honor Society membership were called up to the center of the room, where Rabbi Weinberg presented each of them with a diploma. All these hard-working students were inducted into the National Honor Society and Rabbi Weinberg gave closing remarks – but the night didn’t end there. The Art Show was going on just outside, where students in the Art Department displayed the fruits of their year-long labor. From paintings to architecture, so many beautiful projects were on display for all to see. Ilana Greenberg, a freshman and recipient of a LISEF award, said of the Honor Roll ceremony: “It’s nice to have a day to share accomplishments with friends, faculty, and family. My family was moved by the choir performance and I enjoyed seeing my friends’ artwork on display. I also appreciated being part of a group that was honored after so much hard work.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, and I'm so proud to be a part of such a hard-working, great group of students!

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