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  • Gabriella Kahen

Guess the Teacher

North Shore Notes’ “Guess the Teacher” section has finally returned! Being so, I decided interviewing my favorite teacher would best fit this occasion. Here are some facts to help you uncover their identity.

First off, it’s a female teacher! She's an animal lover who has a dog named Frida, 2 black cats, Star and Midnight, and a parakeet named CoCo. This teacher is a Pisces! She attended Syracuse University for undergraduate school and went to Drexel University for undergrad. She was a professor at the University of Tampa in Florida before working at North Shore. Although it’s her first year teaching here, she’s so loved by many! If she wasn’t teaching, she would likely open a safe house for children and teens structured around creativity and self-expression. If not that, she would own a food truck that serves breakfast and lunch. Speaking of food, her favorite food is dark chocolate pretzels! Her favorite drinks are coffee and water. This teacher enjoys exercising, oftentimes even before her 25-40 minute commute to school. Other than exercising, she loves spending her summers at the beach and visiting museums in the winter.

Can you guess who she is?

This mystery teacher will be revealed in the next issue. Good luck!

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