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  • David Hanan

Freshmen Banner

This year’s Freshman banner was a representation of the Arbaat Banim, the Passover-related theme assigned to the Freshman class. The banner depicts various aspects of the seder. The banner contains paintings of individuals leaning while drinking wine, dipping the karpas, the matzah and the maror. In addition, the picture also contains the four question marks commemorating the “Ma Nishtana” that we read at the seder. The questions read at the seder allow us to delve deeply into the events of the exodus from Egypt. Many parts of the seder are designed to get kids involved and ask questions and participate in the seder. This allows each generation to pass the knowledge of Yetziat Mitzrayim to the next by retelling the story every year at the seder. The Freshman banner represents various aspects of the seder because passover is almost upon us. Let us all be encouraged to ask more questions at the seder in order to delve deeply into the events of Yetziat Mitzrayim and make our seder special.

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