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  • Elaine Novogrudsky

Freshman Shiriyah Reflections

Prior to starting my freshman year, members of older grades had often expressed to me that Shiriyah is one of the highlights of the North Shore experience. After experiencing my first Shiriyah as a ninth grader, I can most definitely say that's true! Shiriyah breakout, which took place on Friday, March 18th, was immediately followed rope tying competition and continued into the next week with sports competitions in volleyball and basketball, video filming, dance, choir, trivia games, hallway decorating, and much more. Whether someone excelled in athletics, art, or any other area, there was something for everyone to do, no matter what their talent was. Freshman Mayah Rosenzweig says, “Because I love to sing, Small Choir was an awesome opportunity to use my voice, especially with the solo I received.” Shiriyah was also an incredibly enjoyable social experience, as I got the chance to build a stronger connection with numerous kids in my grade. The entire ninth grade felt unified as we all shared the same goal of winning Shiriyah, although we knew it was very unlikely. Many grade members contributed greatly and really stepped up to make this an amazing three days. The highlight, of course, was the final dinner, as well as the final singing competitions before the winner was announced. Mr. Marinis, one of the freshman faculty captains, states, “I am excited for the future of Shiriyah after witnessing the enthusiasm of the ninth grade.” Overall, the freshmen placed in third place, which is still impressive and could mark the beginning of great things for the next three years!

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