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  • Ella Hakimian

Freshman Outing and the Big Brother/Sister Program

The Freshman Outing, which was organized by Mrs. Septimus, was a fun day and great way for the Class of 2026 to connect with each other, as well as with their seniors. As part of this year’s “Big Brother and Sister” program, groups of two to four freshmen are paired up with a senior, who acts as their big sibling and is there to give them advice and help them adapt to the new school. As such, the senior big siblings joined the freshman on their outing.

We started off the day by heading to Christopher Morley Park, where the freshmen were split into groups with their big brothers and sisters. Here, they played icebreaker activities, where they got to learn more about their classmates, as well as more fun games. The winners of these games were awarded Amazon gift cards! All of the freshmen then joined together to compete in basketball tournaments. The boys took one court and the girls took another. Even though it was competitive, everyone had a great time playing against their new classmates and getting to know each other better. The special program ended with an ice cream truck. Everyone got delicious treats and conversed with their big brothers and sisters for a while. The day was filled with laughter, bonding and competition - the best way to start off a new school year. As freshman Kate Zar told her big sister, “I loved getting the opportunity to meet my new peers in a relaxed setting outside the classroom.”

We hope the freshmen came out of this experience feeling comfortable and connected to each other and to their senior class- as well as with a full stomach of ice cream! We, as seniors, look forward to watching the youngest grade in the high school make their mark on the school.

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