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  • Aaron Kahen

Foreign Policy- Team Trump

Trump strongly believes that the historic peace deals between the UAE and Israel will pave the way to lasting peace in the Middle East. As the United States of America’s president, Donald Trump has long been known to get deals done. Whether it be real estate deals, economic deals, or peace deals President Trump has the record to prove it. This September, as many of you all know president Trump along with his successful administration brokered a peace deal between the UAE and the state of Israel. In this peace deal, Israel agreed to immediately end its plans to annex parts of the west bank and in exchange, the UAE agreed to begin normal relations with Israel. This historic peace deal is one of many in which Trump successfully made happen. Trump has also been able to achieve a notable peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo; And ease relations between North and South Korea. It's no wonder the president was nominated for a staggering four noble peace prizes!

Trump's peace deal with the UAE is the beginning of a lasting peace between the Arab world, the Palestinians, and Israel. After the UAE agreed to sign a never foreseen peace deal with Israel. The nation of Bahrain followed along with Sudan. This Depicts the start of a pattern of Arab countries beginning to normalize ties with Israel. Although as of now only two notable Arab countries signed peace deals with Israel many more are to come. Arab countries see themselves needing to sign peace deals with Israel for key reasons. These reasons may range from fighting common enemies like Iran or fighting the Chinavirus. In Trump’s next term as president maybe we will see countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria or many more make peace with our greatest ally Israel.

Now, I would like to ask you the people watching the following question. Do you think a Biden administration would be able to sign historic peace deals and create long-lasting peace in a very complicated middle east? Well, based on Biden’s record as senator of Delaware and vice president under the Disastrous Obama presidency the answer is clearly NO. To start Biden as a senator voted for the Iraq war sending many troops to their deaths with little to no progress in what seemed to be a never-ending war. As a senator, he also threatened to cut off aid from our ally Israel. To make things worse, Under the Obama Biden administration millions of dollars were given to the Palestinian Authority which went into supporting terror. Furthermore, I would like to notify all of you watching if you are not aware that Obama and Biden believed that in order for Israel to achieve peace with its Arab neighbors it first had to achieve peace with the Palestinians. Trump proved that to be wrong. And lastly, Biden and Obama agreed to and promoted the Iran nuclear deal allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Unlike Joe Biden who agreed to the Iran nuclear deal, sending troops to their death and devaluing our relationship with Israel Trump has done the opposite. Apart from creating peace in the middle east, Trump has removed troops from Iraq, gotten rid of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, and ended the policy of giving money to the PA. The list can go on but my time is short. This is the most important election in the history of our nation and your vote in keeping America great couldn't be more important.

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