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  • Sammy Kroll

Foreign Policy- Team Biden

Thank you ikey. First off, I would like to point out that Joe Biden has supported the efforts of President Trump regarding the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. Furthermore, as vice president, as a senator, and the chairman of the foreign relations committee, Joe Biden has a record of being pro Israel since the 1970s. Biden helped shape the unprecedented $38 billion, 10-year, Memorandum of Understanding between the U.S. and Israel signed in 2016, the largest such military aid package in U.S. history. In a school where the love and concern for our brothers in Israel is a fundamental teaching and principle, it should be noted that Israel’s security, will be a priority to Joe Biden. But besides peace in the middle east, the president is responsible for so much more, and that is where Trump is not good as president. America should exercise leadership in matters. Pulling out of agreements such as the Paris agreement is only one example of where the president has dropped the ball. Furthermore, if the coronavirus is such a threat right now, why is Trump pulling out of international health coalitions? Joe Biden believes that foreign policy and domestic policy, are deeply connected. The job of foreign policy is to defend and advance our security, prosperity, and democratic values, but it seems that President Trump undermines our democratic values while embracing dictators. President Trump in both cases of pulling out of the nuclear deal with Iran, and talks with North Korea, has made it a possibility for either nation to unleash nuclear weapons onto the world. Under the Trump administration, the leadership in the United States currently is less respected than that of China, and as respected as Russia. One could only imagine another 4 years of Trump and what it would take, to rebuild America’s status in the world. Under Joe Biden, there would be no embracing of dictators. Joe Biden has a record of securing alliances with other nations that is essential to American security. These alliances are meant to strengthen us. Donald Trump’s policy of America first, however, has often led to America standing alone, making it much harder to encourage other nations to respond to threats to our common wellbeing. There have been many treaties, that President Trump has pulled out of, that was detrimental to the U.S’s well being in the future. The Paris agreement was signed in order to prevent global warming and reduce the risks of climate change. Donald Trump pulled out of this agreement and because of this, our greenhouse gas emission level will be 3% higher in 2030, than if we stayed in it. So ask yourself, would you rather a president who not only recognizes that climate change is a threat, but one which must be acted upon immediately, or a president who will not only deny climate change, but will have the United States be a contributing factor, to the climate changing? In addition, President Trump has discussed pulling out of NATO. This is the oldest standing alliance Formed in 1949 whose fundamental goal, is to safeguard the Allies' freedom and security by political and military means. By pulling out of NATO, we will be handing Russia a massive victory. This goes back to a point made earlier by Claudia in her openings remarks, and by myself earlier. Donald Trump embraces dictators in specific, people such as and Vladimir Putin, the same man who had been paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. Now I ask you all, not as students of the North Shore Hebrew Academy but as Citizens of this great nation, do you really want a president who is destroying our democratic values or a president who will focus on the well being of our country, and help once again, make the United States the beacon of democracy, that other nations want to emulate?

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