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  • Davina Lavi

Favorite Class: AP Psychology with Mrs. Glasgow

While eleventh grade is a difficult year for most, the array of interesting classes that students can enroll in certainly adds excitement to the process. Especially in their junior year, students must try to challenge themselves and enroll in Advanced Placement, or AP, courses. This year, my favorite AP class would have to be Psychology, which, in my opinion, is one of the best classes that North Shore has to offer. In addition to being educated in math, science, English and history, it is important for students to learn about themselves and why they act in the way that they do. In AP Psychology, students learn about themselves, other people, the way our brains operate, the importance and effect of sleep, dreams, memories, stress and so much more. We get to delve into all of these concepts and learn about ourselves in a way that no other course offers. Our amazing teacher, Mrs. Glasgow, is a ray of sunshine in my schedule. She is always so positive and understanding, and she teaches the class in the best way possible. Her teaching style is engaging and enjoyable, and she makes complicated material simple to understand. In Mrs. G’s class, students always stay involved, ask intriguing questions, and contribute their opinions to class discussions. AP Psychology will open up your mind to information that no other class can teach you. I encourage all students to fit it into their schedules. You won’t regret it- trust me!

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