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  • Leanna Hakakian

Favorite Class- AP Macroeconomics

As a junior who has taken many classes at North Shore, I can say that my favorite class I have taken to date is AP Macroeconomics. As a freshman and sophomore, I was never interested in economics, however, I decided to take the class because it was so highly recommended by its veterans. Over the course of the class, I’ve grown to love this course and everything it entails. This material is very methodical, but it also involves a few main overarching ideas. The teacher, Mrs. Goldschmidt, is one of the main reasons why AP Macro is my favorite class. She is a very dedicated teacher who won’t move on until she believes that everyone in the class understands what is going on. Mrs. Goldschmidt provides many opportunities for her students to reach out to her and meet one on one so they can discuss the material. Educationally, she also follows the AP curriculum to ensure that her students are prepared for the exam to the best of her ability. Her class is also very interactive, which ensures you’ll never be bored. To any Sophomore or Junior, I strongly recommend AP Macro to be a class in your schedule for next year!

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