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  • Hanna Mordekai

Emily in Paris Looks for Less

Similar to the rest of the world, you probably recently finished binge-watching Emily in Paris on Netflix. You probably fell in love, not with the plot, but the city of Paris and most importantly Lily Collins' outfit game. Wanted to find her pieces for yourself, didn't you? Then you found that every single piece of hers was vintage Chanel or from FarFetch. But the things she wears can be easily replaced by pieces from more affordable websites. Here is what I found:

Here is a gingham set very similar to the iconic one Emily wore this season:

Emily is known for her avant-garde colors, so here is a pink coat perfect for fall:

A personal favorite, and crop blazer with blouse:

- 33.html?scici=Search~~EditSearch~~1~~White%20blouse%20with%20bow~~~~0~~0


One of my favorite outfits in the entire show was worn on not Emily, but her perfect Parisian friend, Camille, (who Emily was an awful friend to in my opinion, but let’s not get into it).



That’s all I found today, but I am sure you can find clothing just as chic as Emily’s from anywhere!

Au Revoir!

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