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  • Shoshana Horn

Election Results

Although most of us are not yet able to vote, watching this election play out is more exciting than anyone could have thought. Voter turnout is estimated to have been the highest in history, with over 100 million voting. Besides voting for the President, many voters also had to vote on Governors, members of Congress, and legalizing marijuana. Marijuana was a big winner across five states (Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota) with Oregon and Washington D.C. also approving psychedelic mushrooms. It took 5 days after the election for Joe Biden to be declared the winner of the Presidential Race. He will be our 46th President at his inauguration in January 2021. There were many issues and interesting events with Election 2020. For example, “Sharpie Gate” in Arizona. There is an investigation into ballots that were written in with a Sharpie nd if they were counted or invalidated because writing in Sharpie is not easy to read. In Atlanta, Georgia, a water pipe burst in a room with ballots so there was a break in counting. Georgia also had issues with the Senate race, so they will have a runoff. In Nevada, they apparently take a break over night from counting so that state took longer to count all the votes. Current, President Trump has accused many states of fraudulent voting and filed lawsuits against them. But Joe Biden was in the lead and at the writing of this article had 290 of the votes from the Electoral College. The winner needs 270. Considering the demands for recounts and the still unknown number of seats each party holds in the Senate, Election 2020 is turning out to be another rollercoaster in this unprecedented year.

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